Bainsford Church
Church of Scotland

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Following the formation of the breakaway Free Church in 1843,
a new Church facing New Market Street was built. The members
of what became known as St Andrews Church were concerned to
promote the Christian good of the whole population, and meetings
were held from around 1860 in a small house in Granary Square.
Meetings became increasingly popular, and so the locations were
moved firstly to the old Bainsford School, then to an old barn in
Main Street. In 1871 the North End Mission Hall was built, and
in 1878 it was granted the full status of a Church.
Bainsford Free Church called the Rev Alex Paterson MA to be its
first minister in April, 1878.

In 1978, the Centenary of Bainsford Parish Church, now a member of the
national Church of Scotland, was celebrated.
A booklet outlining the history of Bainsford Church during its
first 100 years was compiled by
Rev David J B Anderson and George Gladstone.
The full copy of our Centenary booklet, in pdf form, can be downloaded
by clicking here. The document has 12 A5-sized pages.
Our magazine from December 1961, in pdf form, can be downloaded
by clicking here. The document has 18 A4-sized pages.
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